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Decoding the Future American Classroom

Arielle Gannon is an Ed-tech entrepreneur and founder of teacherCODE. Arielle, who graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a degree in Physics, completed the University of Notre Dame’s M.Ed program in 2017 and M.Sc in Entrepreneurship program 2018.


While a high-school teacher in Texas, Gannon wanted her students to have access to a Computer Science (CS) education, so she taught herself how to code. Arielle passed the state CS teaching Certification on her first try. This experience inspired Gannon to help train other teachers how to teach CS. Arielle launched teacherCODE in January 2018.

teacherCODE is a Computer Science professional development program for teachers with no previous computer science background. teacherCODE’s mission is to bring computer science to every classroom in America. We focus on three main areas: Computer Science Content, Computer Science Pedagogy and Computer Science Teaching Certification Guidance. We offer in-person bootcamps. Yearlong online support is provided as well as connections to a community of dedicated Computer Science teachers. For more details see our programs.