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3 Numbers to Remember

It's a well-established fact that nearly every high school offers computer science courses, right? Guess again. Based on the latest research, only about 40% of high schools nationwide offer computer science. Why is this an issue? Well, primarily because it's hanging our youth out to dry. The surging job market offers technology jobs aplenty - indeed, nearly 1.4 million computing jobs will exist in the United States within just two years. However, without an early introduction to computer science, it's less likely that kids will pursue this field of study in college or as their career. The probability that a female student will venture into the computer science realm sinks lower still, with only 3% (three percent!) of computing jobs projected to be filled by women. The remedy to these staggering statistics is sure to be a multifaceted one. TeacherCode.org aims to do it's part by making it as easy as possible for new and established teachers to learn the ins and outs of computer science and how to communicate these concepts effectively in their classrooms.


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